EUTEOTW: Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask

In this article, the idea and practice of prayer is emphasized, both to enhance the spiritual life, and to show that without prayer, a relationship with Christ is impossible.


EUTEOTW: It Shall Be Done Unto You

The second poem to be released by Even Unto The End Of The World, this work accompanies the second episode of "In The Apostles' Doctrine," which bears the same name. It is a poetic work dedicated to asking in faith of those things that God would graciously give us as His children, specifically in Jesus' Name.

EUTEOTW: In Doctrine, Uncorrupt

    The first book written by Matthew Pope, “In Doctrine, Uncorrupt,” is a compilation of articles published on February 15, 2014. Featuring nearly 30 articles, it contains a series of writings composed while writing for his home church's newsletter at Northside Baptist Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. Monthly articles, each pertains to a Christian … Continue reading EUTEOTW: In Doctrine, Uncorrupt