25 Things People Don’t Realize (16-20)

in doctrine uncorrupt
This post is sponsored by Matthew Pope’s book, In Doctrine, Uncorrupt.

“You don’t always
Have to be
Right or
Have the

Last word;
You have purity
On your list of #relationshipgoals
Every vacation includes: finding the

Local Catholic Church
And checking the Mass times; you
Wear a crucifix or saint medal; you say
“I’ll pray for you” and you really do


As Catholic Christians, the world and Lucifer are watching us under a microscope. The inconsistencies are what many are searching for, the moments where we slip up and we’re caught red-handed. Fortunately, we aren’t attending church just to say we did. We’re learning from The Master on how to be a greater human, a devoted follower, and a dedicated disciple. What comes with those teachings are sacred lessons that overflow into the routines and daily actions of our lives.

Let us begin with the final word that we often feel we MUST have when arguing. Let it be, instead, resting the argument with agreement or silence.

In relationships, we’re considered vulnerable and are highly attracted to the opposite sex. However, we are instructed by Christ and by our consciences to make our future relationships pure. They are to be without any conflicting with that sentiment and statute.

When out of town, either for the summer or for whenever, be sure to locate a Catholic church close by, so as to attend adoration, Mass, or both. This ensures there is a foundation nearby, in case one needs it, for sacraments or sacred space.

When dressing for the day, remember to adorn yourself in sacramentals or medallions that signify the devotion you have to a saint or angel. It’s for your protection and for their honor.

When praying for someone, you actually intend to do so, to ensure that their health, spiritual well-being, and self are covered with the prayership you promised.

Lord, help us to fulfill all of what You’ve allowed and purposed. Would we ask that You maintain for us to accomplish these, so as to be servants to You and others. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Originally from Even Unto the End of the World.

assembled with one accord
This post is sponsored by Matthew Pope’s book, Assembled With One Accord.

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